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The certified organic cosmetic line with

Hazelnut Oil


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We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

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Agricosmetica La Casuarina is a small laboratory for organic and vegan cosmetic production. The vegetable ingredients used in our formulations do not contain synthetic substances nor gmo's, and they are obtained only from plants (or parts of them) through extraction by cold pressure or steam distillation, 100% pure.


We use only and exclusively surfactants of vegetable origin, according to the disciplinary Soil Biocosmesis and Health, in order to guarantee the quality of our cosmetics. Enhancing the use of natural substances and raw materials from organic farming, protecting the environment and its natural resources. All organic ingredients come from controlled and certified operators.

Our packagings are ecological and recyclable. It's a continuous search to produce quality products, thanks to chemical and physical checks on incoming raw materials and on finished products through microbiological analysis on each production lot. 

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aromatic waters

Choose the one that best suits your skin and find out how to use it for your beauty routine.

basic vegetable oils

A unique heritage, oils are rich in vitamins and nutrients, fundamental for the care of your skin.

oily macerates

When oil and herbs meet, a small miracle is born, with propositive, reparative and healing properties.

vegetable essences

They represent the soul of the plant from which they are extracted. Indispensable sources of active ingredients in natural treatments.

natural butters

Widely used in beauty recipes to pamper your skin, making it soft and hydrated.

vegetable waxes

Fundamental in the preparation of balms and nourishing and protective creams for the lips and body.

vegetable extracts

To create sweet, protective and reparative natural beauty recipes.


Known for hundreds of years, they are used to clean, tone and revitalize.


If you are not lucky enough to collect fresh vegetables, here you will find our dried and whole herbs to prepare your recipes.


limited editions

All our limited edition soaps.

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