Aromatic waters

100% pure - from organic farming - preservative free

Hydrolates, from latin ''hydro'' and ''latum'' (water distillate), are aromatic or floral waters, they are obtained by steam distilling a variety of plants and flowers in stills for the production of essential oils and they contain all the vegetable substances, but they are much lighter, which makes them extraordinary as tonics on the skin or in home-made cosmetic preparations.

Recipes and


Aromatic waters are a real luxury for the beauty and health of our skin. 

Unlike essential oils, can be applied directly on the skin without problems because, while preserving the beneficial properties and the healing virtues of the plants of origin, they can be used pure. Let's see how.

  1. They are excellent tonic to complete the face cleansing and refresh the skin, used both individually and mixed together.

  2. They are useful for performing decongestant compresses for tired and swollen eyes: just soak a cotton pad with your hydrolat and leave on for a few minutes.

  3. They can also be used to perform friction of the scalp, on clean and dry hair or as a final rinse after shampooing to perfume them.

  4. Another very interesting use can be using your tonic to fix your mineral make-up by spraying it on the face after applying the primer.

  5. After shaving or epilation, they have a refreshing and soothing effect.

  6. On the delicate skin of even very small children, just if they do not contain preservatives, just like our floral waters.

Rosa fiore illustrati