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Our Business and Story

When me and my husband bought our home (an old building, built in 1850 and home of Marionist friars) in Monferrato back in 2004, the idea of a cosmetic lab did not exist yet. We had chosen to live in the countryside to improve our and our children's life quality, while keeping to work in Turin. We think that returning to nature is a deep desire of man: what Kafka calls ''return to Eden''.


Over the time we began changing the landscape surrounding our home. Slowly woods and uncultivated fields made room for rows of hazelnut trees (today 1300 trees). In 2008 our business ''La Casuarina'' came to life, and despite all the difficulties I quitted my job to dedicate myself to the new business project: cultivating hazelnuts, one kind in particular: the ''Nocciola Trilobata'', a very representative product of our region. But with the desire to not use them as food products.

From a problem comes the idea that changes your life

" For many years I had suffered from a bad form of allergic contact dermatitis, an allergy caused by metals in cosmetics, metals that were not shown in the ingredients but were there as impurities deriving from the cosmetic process. 

It had become habit for me to scrupulously check the ingredients inside the cosmetics I used, but 15 years ago it wasn't simple for me to buy a cosmetic without the risk of hurting my skin, so I started making my own, then the research and my passion for studying have done the rest. 


I started getting closer to organic chemistry, deepening my knowledge on the organoleptic composition of many natural ingredients, attending professional cosmetic formulation courses, and in 2012 my cosmetic lab was born.

To this day it produces an entire line of certified organic and vegan cosmetics, based on hazelnut oil. "


The certainty, not only on the quality of the ultimate product, but even on the environmental sustainability it's a great achieved goal of our lab: vegetable and organic ingredients, low environmental impact production facilities, ecological and recyclable final packaging. The whole production process is rigorously checked up to earn the ''Biocosmetic Certification of Soil & Health'', which guarantees formulations free of polluting substances for the environment and dangerous for health.

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